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  • Jane Linch
    hey, we'll hear from you
    5 November 2018
  • asavea reviews
    nsurance is like planning a life, I would not neglect it
    21 April 2018
  • aromatherapy diffuser reviews
    Now there is so much information that it is sometimes not easy to understand this
    24 June 2017
  • asavea reviews
    Insurance is like planning a life, I would not neglect it
    24 June 2017
  • hair straightener brush
    Thanks For providing all the answer about ACA.
    31 January 2017
  • Best Reviews
    thanks for providing all the answers here! This stuff is pretty confusing!
    18 November 2016
  • Hair straightening brush
    I think the ACA is so confusing!
    1 November 2016
  • Barb
    My 25 year old daughter is on my health plan but her employer's open season is right now. She can sign up for her own plan but my insurer is telling me that i am required to keep covering her on my family plan until she turns 26. Why should she and i both have to pay premiums for her? The ACA is supposed to protect consumers, not charge them double for two policies? Why can't i drop herfrom my plan if she has her iwn olan through her employer?
    19 May 2016
  • William Brewer
    My daughter qualifies for Medicaid for 2016. New York says if she qualifies for Medicaid she cannot get a subsidized marketplace policy and must pay full cost. Is that a provision in the ACA or NY's regulation?
    16 January 2016
  • Dan Hudson
    Currently, my wife and I do not have health insurance as it's cheaper to pay for what we do use than pay the premiums. In about one year, I'll turn 65 and be eligible for medicare; my wife will still be 63. What is the tax penalty for one person not having coverage and the other having coverage through Medicare?
    3 December 2015
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